Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soaking Beans

Dried beans are an economical choice for a meal (and a meatless meal at that) and don't we all need something economical these days!?!

I'm not much with a pressure cooker so my only option for cooking dried beans while I am at work is in the slow cooker.  This requires me to soak them overnight.

Well I have found a new use for my salad spinner - it is perfect for soaking beans.  My salad spinner has a lid, an outside solid plastic bowl and an inside basket with holes in it.

I just sort the beans, place them in the basket, place the basket in the bowl, fill with water and put the lid on. Easy, peasy!

Once the beans have soaked overnight I just remove the basket and pour them into the slow cooker.  It's nice to have the bowl and strainer all in one gadget.

Granted, draining your beans in a colander is not a huge burden and doesn't take a lot of time, I think it's good to find other uses for your kitchen gadgets.

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