Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY Tutu

This afternoon K will take her very first ballet class.

So in honor of her new adventure I want to encourage you to make a tutu for your Prima Ballerina.  You only need two things - elastic (enough to go around the child's waist) and tulle in your choice of colors.  You can always add embellishments as well if you would like.

Measure the elastic and tie it in a knot or stitch the ends together, whichever you prefer.

Stretch the elastic around a book or binder.

Cut the tulle into strips based on your child's height.  Stack two pieces of tulle on top of each other and either tie it around the elastic or fold the pieces in half and pull the ends through the loop so it secures the pieces around the elastic band.

Continue all the way around the elastic.

Once you have finished you can add a satin bow or large flower to the center of the band.  One of the prettiest examples that I have made was a tutu made with dark purple and lavender tulle.  We then glued small silk violets all over it.  Of course, I gave it as a gift and never photographed it...

Another option is to make matching tutu's for dolls.  For a Barbie use a hair rubber band.  For a larger doll, use thinner elastic and follow the steps above.

Photo courtsey of Family Fun

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