Friday, July 22, 2011

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

To continue our theme from yesterday here are some creative gift wrapping ideas.  And while this is geared towards Christmas these could really be altered for multiple occassions.

I love a well wrapped gift.  I like to give someone something that they get pleasure from just looking at it before they even know what "it" is.  It lets the person know that they are special enough for you to put forth a litte effort.

Here are a few ideas.

The first tip is not a wrap idea per se but a strategic suggestion.  Start wrapping early.  This way you avoid the stress of sitting up on Christmas eve wrapping all of your gifts to go under the tree.  I tend to shop early and I have found that if I start wrapping items as I start shopping my holidays are a lot less hectic.  In order to make this successful you need to keep a good list of who you have shopped for and what you bought them so you aren't peeling back the tape on everything to see if it is the tea pot for Grandma or the shaving kit for your Uncle.

I love this next idea from none other than Martha Stewart.  Use potato chip bags!  Cute, right?  Thrifty and green - got to love that combo.

Using natural objects for embellishments is always a welcomed idea.  Collect shells while you are on vacation and store them for this year's gifts like this idea from Real Simple.

I like to save my Christmas cards from previous years and use the front of the card as gift tags.  Simply cut the front of the card, hole punch, tie a ribbon through and sign it.  You can sign the back of the tag or use a pretty gold paint pen to write on the front.

The next idea is one of my favorites - use the sheet music to Jingle Bells (or any other Christmas carol) for wrapping paper!  That is really cute and so creative.

Is there a gift you need to mail?  How about replacing the styrofoam with peppermint candies?  This idea could also be used if you are placing a smaller box inside a larger box to throw off the recipient.

I hope you will try out some of these ideas for your celebrations.

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