Monday, July 18, 2011

Caprese Salad Bites

I just love a good Caprese salad.  Fresh, quality Mozzarella, red ripe tomatoes, the pungent flavor of basil a drizzle of Balsamic and a little sprinkle of sea salt on top.

That's your recipe right there.  Nothing to it - just simple, quality ingredients that make for an elegant appetizer and great light summer dinner or side dish.

I like to serve this as an appetizer.  I assemble them on porcelain Won Ton soup spoons.  These are great for one bit appetizers.

For this particular arrangement I drizzled some Balsamic salad dressing (I like Ken's Steakhouse Balsamic vinaigrette) in the bottom of the spoon so that is the last thing to hit your tongue.  Top that with some cut up Bocconcini and a cherry tomato sliced in half.  Sprinkle with a little sea salt and some small shreds of basil.  These are so good. 

I finally had to move the tray to a higher point on the table because K swiped a spoon full every time she passed the table. 

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