Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pirate Party Invitations

The foundation of a good party is the invitation.  The invitation sets the mood of the party long before the first guest arrives or the first bite of food is prepared.  Taking the extra time to create an invitation is certainly worth the effort.

For our pirate party it was a no-brainer - a message in a bottle.  I sourced the perfect bottle and found them to be over a dollar a piece.  So we improvised with plastic water bottles.  Thrifty and green!

We started out by printing the invitation with a parchment style background.  The wording is as follows:

Ahoy me hearties we're having a party

Ye be invited to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Captain K

Chart yer course for our house
Date______________   Time_______________
X marks the spot

Ye landlubbers (big & small) are encouraged to come dressed in yer pirate best

Yo Ho Let's Go!  Pillage an' plunder await. coming to the party?  Let us know by ________

Once we printed the invitations we crumpled up the paper repeatedly and burned the edges to give it an old, weathered look.

We painted the tops of the water bottles gold, put sand in the bottom and added small sea shells.  The invitations were rolled up tightly and tied with red raffia ribbon before being placed inside the bottled.

Simple, inexpensive and very fitting for the theme.

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