Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Operation Organization Post #1

I don't know if it is the Nesting Instinct kicking in already or if I had finally had my fill with my house being a perpetual disaster, but we spent our long Memorial Day Weekend on Operation Organization as I like to call it.

Over the next few posts, I am going to show you some of the projects and messes we tackled.  I am embarrassed by the Before shots but I hope we can continue to be friends. :)

Maybe these posts will encourage you to do the same - or at the very least, allow you to scoff in horror at another household's mess!

My first room to tackle was da-da-daaaaaa - The Kitchen

My first victim? 
The refrigerator and freezer.


The Plan?
Clean out all the shelves - throw away out dated food, consolidate containers and give every shelf a good soapy scrubbing.

Do the same for all of the drawers

Put everything back in a more organized manner

I have to say, I was a bit shocked at how much stuff we had that was either outdated or could be put into a smaller container.  It made me a little sad to feel like we wasted some of those things - especially the condiments that were pushed to the back of the fridge that we didn't really know were there.  I think this new set up will help us though use things up before they go bad.


For the items in the freezer, I used plastic baskets to sort everything by type, making it easier to put it all back in an a way that makes the salmon and green beans easier to find.

It makes me so happy to look into my fridge or freezer and actually be able to tell what is in there.  Everything feels better when it is clean.

My next post will be about my spice cabinet and two storage cabinets in the kitchen.

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