Monday, August 22, 2011

Cardboard Cut Outs Detail

Last week I shared an overview of K's pirate party.   I want to try to highlight a few of the ideas for you.

First of all, lets start with the cardboard cutouts.  We were looking for some kind of decoration that would get us a lot of bang for our buck.  Something big and fun and - hey why not cut outs?

Using an overhead projector, cardboard moving boxes and a Sharpie I drew the selected characters: Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, the Croc, Jake, Izzy & Cubby (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates).

Next step, paint the characters and cut them out.  My husband attached them to metal stakes using zip ties and voila - instant scene setter.

I won't lie, some of the characters were pretty time consuming.  Or maybe that was because I was continually holding my assistant back from getting into the paint or trying to jump over Mr. Smee while mommy was working.

This same idea could be used with pretty much all themes and does not require any artistic ability - just as long as you can trace and color in the lines. :)

Despite the angle of this picture, Capt Hook really does have a hand


  1. Hi there,

    VERY AWESOME! I have 4 year old boy/girl twins, and this is their absolute favorite show! Their birthday is in January, and I was wondering if, by any chance, you are willing to part with these cutouts you have made. Please let me know one way or the other and how much you would be willing to sell them for.

    Thanks, and be blessed,

    L. Mychelle Pettifer

  2. Thanks Mychelle! I am not opposed to parting with them. Where are you located so I can take a look at what it would cost to send them to you.

  3. How did you cut them out? Scissors, box cutter, dremell?